See resources list of Jamaican Speech therapist. Virtual speech assessments and interventions  are possible through the Nathan ebanks Foundation.

ABA is an analytical approach to behavior which involves observing and charting behaviors and using the information collected to design specific programs to address the behaviors. ABA also include multiple teaching approaches including using the natural environment, Discrete Trial training(DTT), pivotal training among others(break it down)

Yes, I have written and implemented a social skills and executive function skills curriculum for students on the spectrum at a prominent high school.

See list of schools supporting inclusive classrooms and special education schools in resources.

A detailed psychological, educational evaluation to derive the child’s learners profile. It gives information about intelligence quotient(IQ) reading and math comprehension, the underlying functions like memory and processing skills and recommendations for parents and teachers. These assessment are used by the Ministry of Education to grant accommodations in external exams like Primary EP and CXC

Students who have a psycho-eduactional assessment are entitled in some parts of the world to have an individual education plan(IEP) written to help meet their educational needs. This plan is usually written by a special education teacher and includes roles for the classroom teacher and parent. Goals are written that are measurable and time sensitive.

This involves prompting a child to babble by modeling the sounds, or extending sound into words once the babble has started, so if the child babbles bbb this can be prompted to ba, ba, ba,

Special Ed. Stands for special education and refers to a field of study that focuses on creating and implementing programs specially designed to help students who learn differently.

Every child learns at their own rate.From my experience if the child has an intellectual challenge it takes longer. If a student is dyslexic and is embedded in an intensive program like Lindamood-Bell s/he can take a year to move one grade level.

ABA Therapy delivered via technologies including video-conferencing and phone calls.