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Meet Pat Williams

Pat created a space for her clients her they feel supported and values. She has a nack for helping those who need help the most.


I have spent 15+ years helping children with special needs gain confidence


Certified Therapist/Teacher

Mrs. Williams is certified with the BCaBA in the US, so she is under the ethical guidelines for the board and has to keep up with the latest research for certification purposes. You can contact her through the board at pat@littlebiskits.com

Research Based Therapy

ABA programs are based on peer reviewed research. I try to keep up with what the latest research in the field to offer in my programs

Specialized Assistance

Clients will receive individual education plans or behavior intervention plans based on observations and assessments, and tailored for the child. Class teachers are invited to collaborate and a classroom management plan is created.

Lots of Fun!

We use the latest programs, websites, platforms and apps to keep our kids engaged.

Parenting Tips

Audio and or animations You are your child’s first teacher, the tips included come from years of talking to parents and listening to their needs.

A Simple Approach

Simplifying assessment reports intervention plans, making it easier to understand and implement by providing the support needed for both parents, teachers and children.


I came to Jamaica in 1998 pregnant with my second daughter.I had been a high school teacher in Trinidad for ten years before and took up my first teaching Job at Camperdown high downtown Jamaica, It was an adventure.

Years of Experience Teaching in Jamaica

After Camperdown spent 13 years teaching at the Queen’s high School where I found that a significant group of girls in every class at every grade level I taught struggled with reading so much that they disrupted the other students in the class. I left for two years to pursue a diploma in special Education and returned to start the Quesnt High Resource room which i ran for 2 years during which time The Ministry of Education officials visited and wrote a commendation, The Mico University college sent their third year students to complete their teaching practicum and hundreds of students were remitted in reading


Working With Autistic Children

I continued to pursue my passion to help special kids and opened the Little Biskits Nursery and Preschool in 2008. It was the most rewarding experience apart from raising my own kids. This is where I fell in love with teaching students with autism, about one third of my students had autism. In 2014 thes school was awarded one of the most improved schools by the MOE.

Finding My calling

My superpower is that I am able to create a space where children respond and thrive, I spend the time to figure out what clicks with children.I am a Board Certified assistant Behavior analysts and have spent the last 13 years forging relationships with professionals in the field and this allows me to create support teams around your child.

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In 2017,  I was part of the first cohort of teachers trained in the Lindamood-Bell(LMB) reading, comprehension and maths programs, through the Creative Learning Based Learning (CLBL)center.This set of programs have been highly effective in addressing these difficulties in students with autism or dyslexia.

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I have spent 15+ years helping children with special needs gain confidence